Deeper Than The Ocean
Deeper Than The Ocean
San Diego, CA
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I grew up in Rochester, NY, and when I was almost 10 I started playing bass guitar so that I could be in my cool older neighbors band. I made an effort to be the best bass player I could be. Eventually, although it was many many years later, I actually joined a metal band (Seric) with my old neighbor. He needed a bass player. I joined and started playing shows, and eventually moved up to guitar and back up vocals. We toured a bit and then had a dramatic band "you banged my girlfriend" type of breakup. After that I joined a pop/punk band, that also broke up, but for different reasons.

After all those failures I decided to go solo. I went to Boston and recorded an album with a friend of mine at Time Bomb Studios. Then recorded an album with my brother Kevin in Long Island, NY at a studio called Killingsworth Studio. Now I'm in Cali trying to "live the dream," it's a tough life, but I love it.







Black Collar Radio started in 2008 as an emerging, web-based underground radio broadcast, solely focused on the Philadelphia Tri-State region.

As of February 2011, BCR is expanding to include a wider range of cities and locations, in an effort to spread beyond this single geographic area.

Contact us through the contact link above or at with any comments or questions regarding this expansion.