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Philadelphia, PA
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I first started writing these songs for "Prevail" around 2002. Then I tried to collaborate with lots of musicians for a period. All of the collaborations had a short life span. Then I tried singing on my songs so they can have vocals and thus be a one man band, but got carried away and hurt myself in the process. I wrote a lot of these songs during that period. A number of the songs chronicle the extreme frustration of those years. In addition, the songs on "Prevail" represent my spirituality, world views, and everyday struggles. The "Foreign" EP has some of the same themes. I got some more help which created a different sound for some of the songs. It's still heavy, utilizing guitar tunings as low as F#, and the new wave melodies going on but there's other stuff going on.




Black Collar Radio started in 2008 as an emerging, web-based underground radio broadcast, solely focused on the Philadelphia Tri-State region.

As of February 2011, BCR is expanding to include a wider range of cities and locations, in an effort to spread beyond this single geographic area.

Contact us through the contact link above or at with any comments or questions regarding this expansion.